Sito Internet Simtech Tannery Solutions

Simtech Tannery Solution

Simtech Tannery Solutions

Sito internet Simtech Tannery Solutions

Since the beginning SIMTECH TANNERY SOLUTION  activity has been concentrated in the leather drying field considering more than 20 years experience by the founders into the leather industry.

Working between commercial and technical next tanneries in Italy and abroad, the company was engaged at first to produces spare parts and kit for reconditioning and upgrading vacuum dryer machines arriving after years to design and develop new turn key high vacuum systems where we have gained a very good quality and reliable products.

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Simtech Tannery Solution

Sito internet Simtech Tannery Solutions

Our continuous presence in numerous leather tanneries and the attention given to our costumers places SIMTECH as a serious and reliable partner where it is required a low temperature drying and a complete energy saving. To install our equipments we offer to customers whole advice to prepare their vacuum dryer machine in the right way providing all spare parts to transform or repair it and the aid of layouts, drawings and schemes up to testing and starting up.

SIMTECH also produces and develops vacuum dryer machines for testing, water mixing and dosing systems, water energy saving systems and software to detection and control data from production based on energy consumption. We provides advice for planning new and second hand leather drying machines and complete turn key departments for leather drying as well.

Thanks to our flexibility and organization we are able to give assistance requests in real time minimizing machine downtime problems. Simtech was founded firstly with the aim of overhauling not only parts of machines but also complete vacuum dryer machines as well as providing assistance and supplying of all kind of spare parts.

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